[AMRadio] Transmitter fitting

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Dec 2 09:08:25 EST 2006


Thanks for your suggestion of moving the transmitter into the shack 
through a window.  However, the RCA BTA-1R2 is not in modules.  It is a 
7' tall 32" wide (at the most narrow point), 1500 pound commercial 
broadcast transmitter.  The modulation and power supply transformers and 
chokes are sitting in the bottom of the cabinet and can easily be 
removed.  However, you're still looking at several hundred pounds 
cabinet and other components.  It might be possible to get it through a 
window, however, the window would have to be taken completely out, so it 
would likely require as much if not more work than to take the door 
casing out. 


Vince Werber wrote:

>Forgive me if I made things worse but seriously here is what I might try...
>First off the mod deck and power supply decks will have the most weight...  I 
>would pull them out (it is rack mounted I hope...).... 

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