[AMRadio] Transmitter fitting

Robert Nickels W9RAN at oneradio.net
Sat Dec 2 11:19:55 EST 2006

Rick Brashear wrote:
> However, the RCA BTA-1R2 is not in modules.  It is a 7' tall 32" wide 
> (at the most narrow point), 1500 pound commercial broadcast transmitter. 
Hi Rick,
Sounds like a challenging project - but worth  the effort.  I'm 
afflicted with "heavy metal fever" that's not limited to just radios, 
and there are some interesting stories on the web of how home machinists 
have moved things like milling machines and lathes into basement 
workshops, a process that generally requires at least partial 
disassembly and careful planning.   Whether it's a 2400 pound Bridgeport 
or a 1500 pound RCA, both are beyond the capabilities of most amateurs, 
and my suggestion is to consider hiring a professional.  A piano mover 
may be willing to help you out, otherwise look for a professional 
machine rigger who has the equipment and know-how to do the job safely. 

I always figure "I can do anything" myself, but when it comes to moving 
really heavy stuff, I've learned it's worth the cost and peace-of-mind 
to hire a pro.

73, Bob W9RAN

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