[AMRadio] PW Supply

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Sat Dec 2 23:33:52 EST 2006

Brett gazdzinski wrote:

> The power supply looks really nasty, it does not look
> like there are many good parts on it...

Hopefully, looks are deceiving.  I have checked every part in it with 
ohmeter, sig gen and scope and can find no faulty parts.  That's not the 
same as applying voltage to it but it is comforting.

One thing that bothers me is that the line cord is just a standard 110v 
type with two wires going to a screw terminal in the cabinet.  The pw 
sup has a 3 wire cable with 3 lugs that would seem to go to this same 
terminal and the sup seems to be 220v.


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