[AMRadio] PW Supply

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Mon Dec 4 08:28:01 EST 2006

Brett gazdzinski wrote:
> All the homebrew power supply decks have voltage and current meters,
> then all the modulators and RF decks also have current meters.
> If you run both rf and modulator off one power supply, you
> get an indication on the power supply of the total current.

Now that I am used to the Ranger, I kinda like having a separate 
modulation meter and this would be on the mod deck so I don't seem much 
point in having one on the supply.  Well at least not enough point to 
add one if it's not already there.

Having said that, I spent an hour milling a 3" window in the panel next 
to the voltmeter so I could watch the 866's glow.  We all have our 
priorities, I guess.


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