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Tue Dec 5 10:35:18 EST 2006

Sorry I missed you Todd.  I must have just stepped out of the room
after signing with W5KGZ in Beaumont before you called.

I noticed there was a major x-ray flare that occurred sometime
yesterday.  This may have had some effect on what you were hearing
there.  I know the band went long here about 6:30 local time, but was
gradually coming back by the time I signed with KGZ.

Hardly any signals on the band last night as you noted...

Brian w5ami

On 12/5/06, Todd, KA1KAQ <ka1kaq at gmail.com> wrote:
> Managed to get on 75 for a bit last night and had a good conversation
> with Paul, W9PJ in Illinois. The band was amazingly quiet overall, so
> the lack of activity was a bit surprising. While the band seemed long,
> I was hearing Steve WA1QIX quite strong up here as well.
> But the really odd thing was the fading on signals. At times it was
> like the ocean coming and going like waves, other times it was a
> really fast fading that caused the needle on the S-meter to bounce 2-3
> units to and fro wildly. But for most of the night it was a slow,
> steady 'whump.....whump.....whump'. I've never seen the band maintain
> this for a long period of time before. Maybe 10-15 minutes, half an
> hour at most.
> Heard Brian W5AMI coming in loud and clear, so I fired up the xmtr but
> not in time to catch him. He said something about it being cold down
> there. The WX Channel had mentioned that the former home of his 1937
> xmtr got down to -2F Sunday night/Monday morning. That's even cold for
> up here in early December.
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ
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