[AMRadio] Catadioptric, was refractor

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Dec 5 11:17:09 EST 2006

>I guess this is what happens when guys have too much time on their hands. . 
>. . Maybe we should all fire up the rigs and start some activity on 6!

Or 40m.  7295 was open from when I first listened at 2300 GMT yesterday till 
mid-evening.  No SWBC or ham QRM.  There was SWBC on 7290 and 7300, but the 
splatter in between wasn't too bad. I worked stations in Manhatten, London 
Ont, and southern Georgia near FL border.  The band must have been long, 
because signals were somewhat marginal with deep QSB.  Signals played 
peek-a-boo with the noise floor, but no QRM.  I wonder what propagation 
might have been like from west coast.


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