[AMRadio] Pw Supply

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Tue Dec 5 23:11:35 EST 2006

I am not having much luck finding a HV xformer for my power supply so an 
idea occurred to me that I would like to pass around.

MFJ has a 900v one for about $100.  Is there any reason why I can not 
use two of these and tie one side of the secondaries together and call 
that the center tap and have an 1800v ct transformer/s?

I am using 866's so I must have a center tap.

Second question is:

Mine has the HV going to the choke and then to two 4 mf 3kv caps in 
parallel.  Is it not more conventional to put a cap on each side of the 
choke or two chokes for a choke input filter?

What would I gain or lose by moving one of the caps to the HV side?



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