[AMRadio] RF Amp

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed Dec 6 21:24:04 EST 2006

Thanks for all the excellent info and ideas.  You may very well be on to 
something.  I would certainly want an excess of audio power and it may 
be that the 250TH tubes would have to work real hard to provide it.  
Maybe I should consider a single 450TL and push pull 250TH to modulate 
it.  That would lope along at 375 watts carrier and I'd still get to 
benefit of all those tubes.  The 100TH's seem to do a good job 
modulating a single 250TH in the BC-610's, so maybe stepping the entire 
selection up a notch would work equally well.

Thanks for the ideas and help.


ARS W5OMR wrote:

> There's been a lot of good comments in hee, and having been witness to
> the 'cookie and ether warmer'  rig of Johns when it was in it's
> hey-day and running the full 1kW DC legal limit input power allowed at
> that time, all I can say is, that was an 'awesome' rig....

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