[AMRadio] RF Amp

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed Dec 6 21:37:30 EST 2006

I think you and Geoff are right.  I have and I might as well put it in a 
box and fire it up.  I do want to be sure I pay attention to the 
comments about having ample and ten some when it comes to audio 
reserve.  I can always turn it down.  I'm not sure the floor of my shack 
will hold all these BC-610's, 1R2 and a monster amplifier-modulator, but 
it will sure be fun testing it to see.  I guess there is an advantage of 
living alone, you can bust the floor out and not get into trouble!  

Man, Brett, I would love to have gotten in on that!  Transformers, 
chokes and BIG capacitors are my worst vice.

Thanks guys!

Brett gazdzinski wrote:

>Yes, I agree, go oversize if you can.
>I was lucky to get loads of great parts 20 years
>ago when no one wanted the stuff, it was all
>transistors they wanted.
>I got a load of UTC commercial grade chokes rated
>for 7000 volts 700ma ccs for $10.00 each!
>BC610 transformers were free if you would remove them, 
>Good deals can still be got sometimes, I got a nice Peter Dahl
>power transformer that gives 3000 volts out at 500ma for
>$75.00 at a fest.
>I got some nice oil filled caps a few years ago at Gaithersburg
>for $5.00 each.
>The really big parts seem rare though...

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