[AMRadio] RF Amp

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Thu Dec 7 11:21:01 EST 2006

> If he's still got one, I'd snag one of those big chokes from Brett.
> 70Hy at 700mA would do ya for a modulation reactor.

They are all in use!
I bought a Peter Dahl mod reactor, but sold it as the
rig sounds fine using the RCA mod transformer with
the DC through it.

> The Z was low on the final,
> and 811's will work into most -anything-.  I had butt-loads of audio
> from a pair of 811's.  And, then I went and read the handbook.  BIG
> mistake.  811's only produce 165w of audio in class B?  

That is not so at all!
The 811A at 1200 or 1500 volts zero bias makes
over 300 watts I think. 340 watts comes to mind.

My rule of thumb is at least as much audio
as power input to the final, things stay clean that way.


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