[AMRadio] RF Amp

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Thu Dec 7 11:51:19 EST 2006

I'm never awake when you guys are on in the early morning.  I tried to 
get on 3880 last night, but the Collins net was rolling full steam.  I 
heard Brian (AMI) on and was all primed to make a call to him, but I got 
a phone call and when I got off the Collins net was back in full swing.  
Man, they had a gigantic turn out!  Do you ever get on in the afternoons?

My work is very erratic.  I am trying my best to totally retire, but 
every time I get close I buy something else and have to do more work to 
pay for it.

I have most of the things I need to get my antennas in the air.  The 
main thing I am lacking is "getty up go".  No big bucks here! 


Geoff/W5OMR wrote:

>> ARS W5OMR wrote:
> I'd -rather- do it on the air, but I -never- hear you on....
> Get that Butternut vertical outta there....

Man, you gots lots of bucks to get these big rigs...


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