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Thu Dec 7 13:37:17 EST 2006

Hi Todd,

I assure you that the comments by you today are not the only ones I
was referring to.  There were others by other people over that last
several days that were somewhat condescending, needling, and some were
downright rude.

I ask that all members think about what they need to say in reply to
someone, and determine if it's best done direct before posting to 400+
people.  No one needs to be embarrassed, flamed or the like on this

Thanks Todd, I do sincerely appreciate your reply.

Brian / w5ami

On 12/7/06, Todd, KA1KAQ <ka1kaq at gmail.com> wrote:
> I apologize to Brian and the good members of this group for my
> response on the list. It was wrong at best, stupid and inconsiderate
> at worst. I let the urge to respond overcome intelligent thinking by
> dignifying inappropriate remarks with an equally-inappropriate
> response. This obviously puts me down on the same level as what I
> despise.
> ~ Todd  KA1KAQ
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