[AMRadio] MFJ

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Thu Dec 7 17:45:11 EST 2006

Thanks Brett.  The only good thing about the Butternut vertical is it 
was easy to assemble and adjust.  I don't have any radials, so I know 
Mother Earth is getting the lion's share of my signal.  I would love to 
get up a wire, but I have a building that is to be erected soon (I hope) 
and I can't do much until that is done.  In the mean time I'm just 
heating the ground beneath my vertical. 

Did you use the B&W folded dipole they insist will cover 160 through 10 
without a tuner?  Geez, I hope not because that's the one I have an have 
been dying to get up.  If it's a clunker on AM I am in deep trouble in 
the wire department.

I'm not a MFJ fan at all, but they are the only one around with a 80 
meter rotatable dipole.  However, that dream fell though anyway.  I 
called them and production won't start until next year!  I won't need it 
then.  Go figure...


Brett gazdzinski wrote:

>I have the butternut, ground mounted, not enough radials.
>It does make a good dummy load....
I tried one of the B+W all band antennas, the swr was bad....


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