[AMRadio] MFJ

Ka9p at aol.com Ka9p at aol.com
Thu Dec 7 19:56:30 EST 2006

Sorry if I missed this earlier in the thread but you might just run your  
Butternut up on the Hazer and give it a shot.
I mention this only because back in the day when the Hazer was up here, a  
friend dared me to run an old 5 band HyGain up on the Hazer (had 40 feet of Rohn 
 25) and it played phenomenally on 40 and pretty darned good on 80, with one  
radial for each band, and the Butternut is easily twice as efficient I would  
think.  It was also really neat to flip between the beam and the vertical  on 
20, 15 and 10, and the vertical was very impressive there as well.
Did not win the neighbor's aesthetic appreciation award that winter,  however.
73 Scott

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