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Thu Dec 7 20:51:48 EST 2006

Rick Brashear wrote:
> Well, I have quite a bit, but I also have two monstrous pecan trees 
> and a couple of oaks that seem to be everywhere.  

Natural supports!   All you need now is a 'potato canon' and a tennis 
ball with some fishing line tied to it.  (Think long needle through the 
ball).  Use the fishing line to pull up the rope that will pull up the wire.

> So, I have to work around them or over them and that is probably 75' 
> up.  The area I am looking at is where I am having some construction 
> done, so I have to wait until it's compete before I can do anything 
> permanent.  I just want to put something up right now so I can hear 
> better.  I'm sure I could talk to most everyone, but it does no good 
> if I can't hear them talk back. 

I don't know that you're going to have much luck, being that close to I-30.

I went to Google earth, and checked... My -approximate- calculations say 
that if you're on the corner lot, you've got about 120' to the street, 
running the antenna east and west (which is cool, since you're north of 
me, and it'll be broad-side north and south).
 If you're the 2nd, or 3rd house from the corner, your lot is still only 
about 120' deep.  That's how deep -my- lot is, here.

What I finally wound up doing, was to string up a full-wave delta loop 
(installed on a vertical plane) apex'ed around 60'.  The top comes down, 
like a pyramid and the bottom wire is pulled away from the support 
structure.  I feed that with 450-ohm ladder line, and an open-wire 
capable, 2kW, Heathkit SA-2060 impedance matching device.

the antenna -was- an inverted vee.  I just closed in the bottom of the 
Vee, and made a loop.

Works great.

73, and everything
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