[AMRadio] MFJ

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Thu Dec 7 21:34:44 EST 2006

That's good advice, Jim.  I could likely get much better results from my 
Butternut if I were to install radials.  I can't really fault the 
antenna since I have not installed it according to their instructions. 


Jim Wilhite wrote:

> Funny thing this discussion about commercial verticals.  I can't speak 
> about the Butternut, but a couple of years back I was in a situation 
> that required a vertical.
> I bought a Hustler for 80-10 and ground mounted it on a piece of pipe 
> following directions.  I put four 1/4 wave radials on top of the 
> ground for 40 and 75.  The other bands only had two.  It was 
> completely in the open over poor ground.
> I worked every one I wanted and received about the same signal reports 
> I gave.  All this was on AM too.  The directions said to mount it well 
> above ground and put elevated radials under it for maximum performance.
> So the thing is, any antenna is better than no antenna and just a 
> computer.
> Jim
> W5JO

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