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Mike Sawyer w3slk at uplink.net
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I'll second that about the Hustler 5-BTV. It sucked pus on 75with the 
'resonator' but was an outstanding performer on 40-10. I will admit that I 
was only using an Apache with it. Now my friend had one and used it with his 
BC-610 without any problems.
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Funny thing this discussion about commercial verticals.  I
can't speak about the Butternut, but a couple of years back
I was in a situation that required a vertical.

I bought a Hustler for 80-10 and ground mounted it on a
piece of pipe following directions.  I put four 1/4 wave
radials on top of the ground for 40 and 75.  The other bands
only had two.  It was completely in the open over poor

I worked every one I wanted and received about the same
signal reports I gave.  All this was on AM too.  The
directions said to mount it well above ground and put
elevated radials under it for maximum performance.

So the thing is, any antenna is better than no antenna and
just a computer.


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