[AMRadio] RG8X

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Fri Dec 8 15:52:00 EST 2006

Fantastic!  Not only does that help, that cinches the deal!  I liked 
everything I read about the Bazooka, but had never talked with anyone 
who had one in use.  Obviously, you have no major complaints.  I 
understand that noise reduction is a big plus in these antennas, is that 
what you find?

I'll have to erect mine as an inverted vee due to real estate, but it 
should do just fine.  I hope to have the apex at 45' - 50' and the ends 
no less than 15' off the ground.

Thanks for the insight.  It looks as if I can use it without too much 
loss.  The run will actually be a little less than 100', but I wanted to 
pose the worst case scenario.

Thanks guys!

Larry Knapp wrote:

>OK.  I use two RG8X coaxial bazooka dipoles.  One for 75/80 and one for 40; no multiband....single
>band(s) only  Does this help?   73, Larry KC8JX

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