[AMRadio] RG8X and the Bazookie

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Dec 8 16:58:34 EST 2006

Hummmm! some one rather than me saw the same performance of 
the bazooka.  Years ago I removed a dipole and used RG 58 to 
make one.  It lasted about 2 rainstorms before it wasn't 

Rick, read the theory on this type of antenna before you use 
a bunch of coax that will then only be good for jumpers. 
Insulated wire will be lower noise than bare and bandwidth 
is only about 3% of frequency on any good antenna.  The 
Dallas area is prone to ice so the weight will be monstrous 
not counting the wind load.

The joy of being a ham with many frequencies to tune.  You 
will never have an antenna that is right on frequency all 
the time.


> Use one on 160 and one on 75 years ago. Claims of less 
> noise and greatly
> improved bandwidth were bogus over the same type of single 
> wire
> configuration. On the plus side, great wind catcher so you 
> need strong
> supports especially if used in a dipole configuration. 
> Also, if your area
> is prone to ice storms, larger surface area of antenna is 
> a great
> collector. You'll need strong rope. Bandwidth improvement 
> was minuscule
> over a dipole. It think Wallt Maxwell had some articles 
> about this
> antenna years ago, "fact and fiction". Lots of info on the 
> web. If you
> get water inside the coax and it then migrates, it will 
> drive your SWR
> readings all over the place. After several ice storms, I 
> finally gathered
> the antennas up and threw them in the trash can. Wire 
> works just as well.
> Pete, wa2cwa

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