[AMRadio] Early antennae

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Dec 8 17:50:03 EST 2006

  I think the 'cage' type antenna - where several conductors are spaced in 
a long cylinder-type arrangment using circular spreaders, was originally 
called a "Marconi" type antenna.  A friend here in Northern Nevada, where 
the weather is certainly a factor - has considered a dipole using 4" 
aluminum irrigation pipe - suspended on 5/8ths or 1" nylon rope inside the 
pipe - but he's afraid that a a few inches of ice in an 80-mph wind might 
be Bad....

   BTW, the Marconi, Beveridge, and other 'aerials' are from the days when 
"Amplitude Modulation" meant putting a (huge) carbon microphone directly 
in the primary of the "transmitting coil" - basically you'd be talking 
(shouting) into a mic connected dirctly to your high power tuned Tesla 

    I, for one, much prefer 833s, 405s, hell even 4CX30,000s.....

Cheers and Best of the Season


PS: Any 80M weekend QSOs planned? Time to burn the dust off the 6146s in 
the Valiant....

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