[AMRadio] RG8X

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Dec 8 21:11:50 EST 2006

I was manager of a mobile radio service center in Dallas in 
1983 when they turned on the cell service there.  It was the 
first commercial system after Chicago and Washington.  Each 
trunk mount radio had RG 58 attached to the antenna mount.

About 3 years later they used the RG 8 types with the mini 
UHF connector.  Does that fit your time frame Mark?  It was 
around but not in common usage.


> I agree with Jim except I'm not sure about the part "RG-8X 
> came out after
> cellular hit the market".
> I started using RG8X about 1980 or so. Not many people 
> around here had
> cellphones until the mid-90s. It has always worked great 
> for me on
> 50/144mhz. Also on a couple of 50ohm antennas. Most of 
> what I do uses
> ladderline now. It's good for low-moderate power.
> 73,
> Mark W1EOF

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