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Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Fri Dec 8 22:55:19 EST 2006

Brett.... I can't say as far as the 100' dipole is concerned, but I got 
an Alpha Delta shortened dipole (60' or 70', I thnnk) a few years back 
and was never able to get a decent resonance on any band for which it 
was designed.  I wrestled with it for a couple of weeks before throwing 
in the towel and using a tuner.  I put it together very carefully and 
double, triple and quadruple checked the dimensions, but no go.  You may 
have much better results.  I only had it up about 35', so that could 
have been part of my problem.

Hope this helps...

Brett gazdzinski wrote:

>All this talk about antenna's has me thinking about my setup.
>I only have about 100 feet, so something that would work
>on 160 and 80 would have to be short.
>I used to have a short 80 meter dipole over the
>length of the house.
>It worked ok, but RF got into everything.
>I was thinking about an alpha delta DX LB or DX LB plus.
>Its about 100 feet long, has coils (no traps), and I suspect
>it would work well 40 through 10, be ok on 80, and
>work slightly on 160 if its cut to resonate at say
>Its heavy, but its all band and has no traps to burn out.
>I would replace the 40 meter dipole that runs over the house
>but at right angles.
>Anyone use one?
>Being nothing but wire, I suppose it would take the power..

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