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Craig Carter craig-carter at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 8 23:32:49 EST 2006

I had one of the Alpha Delta 40 & 80 and a multi band Alpha Delta dipoles. With a tuner, the multi band was one of the best dummy loads I've ever had. The 80 / 40  trapless dipole was 'eh' on 80, ok on 40. I now have a 125' dipole, bent all over he!! and gone, and a Heath SA 2060 tuner with RG 8. Works great on every band I try it on, including 6 and 2! I would put up the longest wire I could fit, get a BAT (big 'butted' tuner) and have fun. 73 Craig K6QI

Brett gazdzinski <brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com> wrote:  
All this talk about antenna's has me thinking about my setup.
I only have about 100 feet, so something that would work
on 160 and 80 would have to be short.
I used to have a short 80 meter dipole over the
length of the house.
It worked ok, but RF got into everything.

I was thinking about an alpha delta DX LB or DX LB plus.
Its about 100 feet long, has coils (no traps), and I suspect
it would work well 40 through 10, be ok on 80, and
work slightly on 160 if its cut to resonate at say
Its heavy, but its all band and has no traps to burn out.
I would replace the 40 meter dipole that runs over the house
but at right angles.

Anyone use one?
Being nothing but wire, I suppose it would take the power..


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