[AMRadio] Screen Modulated 813

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Sun Dec 10 19:48:54 EST 2006

Taking another look at my recently acquired "treasure", it seems like it 
is going to take months to gather all the parts and build my "Mantra" 
(813's modulated by 811's)

My treasure consists of a nice 4" rack cabinet, a HV power supply 
needing a transformer and an RF deck which was apparently a linear and a 
blank panel.

It occurs to me that after I get the transformer, I will have nearly 
enough parts to build a screen modulated 813 rig.

I can't seem to find any info on doing this but it seems like it could 
be a neat interim rig that I could have on the air in a few weeks.

I understand the efficiency problems but isn't this sort of academic 
when talking about a max 300 w carrier?  Won't two 813's produce that 
much even when run inefficiently?

Surely it would be an improvement over using the Heath SB200 and the 
Ranger... no?

Any thoughts?


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