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I can send a copy of an article on a 10m screen modulated 813(expandable to
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> Taking another look at my recently acquired "treasure", it seems like it
> is going to take months to gather all the parts and build my "Mantra"
> (813's modulated by 811's)
> My treasure consists of a nice 4" rack cabinet, a HV power supply
> needing a transformer and an RF deck which was apparently a linear and a
> blank panel.
> It occurs to me that after I get the transformer, I will have nearly
> enough parts to build a screen modulated 813 rig.
> I can't seem to find any info on doing this but it seems like it could
> be a neat interim rig that I could have on the air in a few weeks.
> I understand the efficiency problems but isn't this sort of academic
> when talking about a max 300 w carrier?  Won't two 813's produce that
> much even when run inefficiently?
> Surely it would be an improvement over using the Heath SB200 and the
> Ranger... no?
> Any thoughts?
> js
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