[AMRadio] RF Amp

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Dec 11 08:23:46 EST 2006

If you have the parts on hand, it's a shame not to use them
in something.
I always thought it was odd that some people collect huge
amounts of parts, but never do anything with them.

I am the other way around, if I have nice parts, they scream
at me to be used.

A tube or transformer is a terrible thing to waste.

I been working on the 811 modulator for the pair of 4D32's.
Its almost done, and its time to think about what to build next...


> Brett,
> I agree and you're correct on all counts.  However, I have 
> the iron just 
> sitting in the shed and the thought of those two 450TL's and 
> two 250TH's 
> glowing through a glass window is more than my "being practical" can 
> overcome.  I have accumulated many high voltage/current 
> capacitors for 
> both the power supply and the RF stage.  Granted, it is a tremendous 
> over kill, but it should be able to loaf along at legal limit.  
> Naturally, I wouldn't want to exceed the legal limit.  I'm 
> sure I would 
> stand out like a sore thumb if I were to do that.  :-D
> I also agree that all push pull triode amplifiers are basically the 
> same.  I was just hoping to hear from someone who had used that 
> particular configuration and see what their results were.
> Thanks for the info...
> Rick/K5IZ
> Brett gazdzinski wrote:
> I think the 405 TL's will require a LOT if filament power, that's for 
> sure! I also think they like very high voltages, over 3000, 
> which will 
> make things tend to be huge...
> If you get it built, we are going to monitor you closely, and 
> if you go 
> over 1501 watts pep, you will be in big trouble....
> Besides the power and voltage, all push pull triode setups 
> are the same. 
> You can take any push pull rf deck and just scale it up....
> Brett

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