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In case you don't regularly visit eham.net or QRZ.com,
I have penned a brief "news" article about this coming
Friday that I hope you can pass along to anyone who
can take part with us.

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Vintage radio hobbyists in the United States will
celebrate the federal goverment's expansion of the 75
meter phone band with a "bandwarming" party from
3600-3800Kc starting at 0500 GMT Dec. 15, 2006.

The festivities are slated to begin Thursday evening
Dec. 14th, when vintage radio enthusiasts in Canada
will gather around several frequencies between
3700-3800, where they already enjoy phone privileges.

The Federal Communications Commission, as part of a
decision to enlarge and more closely match the size of
the 75 meter phone band with levels of activity, has
specified enactment at midnight, Eastern time.

A number of U.S. stations have been granted the use of
Special Event 1x1 Call Signs to help commemorate the
regulatory upgrade.

By coincidence, December 2006 marks 100 years since
radio pioneer experimenter Reginald Fesseden's
celebrated Amplitude Modulation broadcasts, considered
by many to be the first voice and music signals to be
heard by the public audience for wireless.

The "bandwarming" of 2006 will again feature the AM
mode, as vintage radio enthusiasts warm up their
vacuum tube gear on a December night  a century later.

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