[AMRadio] RF Amp

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Dec 11 10:24:16 EST 2006

I have so many projects in the works, but this one has always been a 
dream of mine.  While I wait to find parts for the one I try to stay 
busy on another one.  Thanks for the encouragement and good luck on your 

Brett gazdzinski wrote:

>If you have the parts on hand, it's a shame not to use them
>in something.
>I always thought it was odd that some people collect huge
>amounts of parts, but never do anything with them.
>I am the other way around, if I have nice parts, they scream
>at me to be used.
>A tube or transformer is a terrible thing to waste.
>I been working on the 811 modulator for the pair of 4D32's.
>Its almost done, and its time to think about what to build next...

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