[AMRadio] Component ID please

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Dec 11 11:27:38 EST 2006

That looks more like a shunt to me.

Jack Schmidling wrote:

> The HV meter on my supply does not work and the series resistor inside 
> seems to be open.  No problem but there is another component across 
> the resistor that I have never seen before and assume is a cap but 
> don't know.. it also reads open.
> I posted a pic at http://schmidling.com/meter.jpg for ID.
> As an aside, the resistor is quaintly marked "Precision" but the value 
> is "1/2 meg" which is hand written in like at NBS.  No decimal point, 
> just 1/2 meg.  What is really bazaar is the accuracy is 2%, also hand 
> written.  When was that ever precision?
> js

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