[AMRadio] AM 813s X 813s

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Mon Dec 11 19:01:23 EST 2006

Rbethman wrote:
> Hello All,
> Take a look at W3BYM's pair of 813s modulating a pair of 813s.
> A VERY robust, well designed, engineered, AND FINE sounding Homebrew!
> My recommendation would be to get the back issues.  The price of back 
> issues is $3.75 ea.  The specific issues are:
>       Number 153   -   February 2002
>       Number 154   -   March 2002
>       Number 155   -   April 2002

Most amazing!  The mailman brought me those issues today and I didn't 
get much of a nap while reading them.  I was most interested in the 
power supply but very little was said about it and the schematic was 

As a point of interest, not realizing it was the same thing, I down 
loaded the same article for free about the same time I ordered the back 



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