[AMRadio] B&W Capacitors

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 14:51:53 EST 2006

Chuck Kembring wrote:
> Hello Geoff....
> 	Looking through my B&W material, I've found the following:
> CX-77A, Capacity per section: 77Max, 30Min. Capacity sections in series:
> 43Max, 20Min. Mounting length: 12 7/16, Net Price: $24.70
> CX-82B, Capacity per section: 82Max, 26Min. Capacity sections in series:
> 45Max, 17Min. Mounting length: 9 11/16, Net Price: $22.15
> 	Sorry, but there is no date on this information. The only reference is to
> the Upper Darby, Pa. plant so it is quite old. I hope this helps.
> 	I had the good fortune of personally knowing Jack Williamson (The "W" of
> B&W) who passed away at 96 a couple of years ago - He sure had some
> wonderful stories to tell.....

Oh, don't you know those old-timers have been through it all...

Yeah, They were still in business after they left Upper Darby, but I 
don't think for nearly as long as they were, while they were in PA.

I've got 3 butterflies... 1 I'm using, 2 that are external... I keep 
thinking I want to change the one in the rig out for one of the others, 
but that's gonna take some doing, because of the extra length.

I need to think on this a week, before I make a deal on the one I don't use.

Thanks, Chuck!

73 = Best Regards,
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, etc, ad naseum...

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