[AMRadio] FS: Crystals--Lots of Crystals

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 19:13:30 EST 2006

For Sale: Unsorted, Bulk Crystals. Ten to 30 cents
each, as noted below.

About 900 Metal, mostly the larger CR-18/U size, but
there are some of the tiny metal ones. Frequencies all
over the lot. I did not go through these and did not
cherry-pick any frequencies out of the lot--they are
exactly as-found. Happy Hunting. $90 plus $8.60
priority flat rate box mailing with tracking.

About 150 FT-171B types. These are the huge crystals
used in the BC-610 and other pre-war rigs with high
crystal currents. They have 2 banana plugs
widely-speaced. 20 cents each: $30
About 100 BC-604-605 "Tank Radio" types. These
crystals are all FT-241 type. These are the ones that
were used in the FM tank radios BC-604-605 etc.
They're black with white engraved markings on top that
say "CHANNEL xx XX.X M C", for example "CHANNEL 39
23.9 M.C." HOWEVER, in these crystals, the xtal is not
the marked frequency, but rather the marked frequency
divided by 54. So the channel 0 xtal, marked 20.0 Mc,
is actually 370.370 kc., and the channel 79 xtal,
marked 27.9 Mc., is actually 516.667 kc. Etc. Three
very useful xtals in this series are: Channel 16 21.6
Mc - 400.000 kc, Channel 43 24.3 Mc - 450.000 kc and
Channel 70 27.0 Mc - 500.000 kc. (other useful
channels are those near the popular 455, 465, and 470
kc. IFs. The math is left as an exercise for the
reader. These FT-241s plug into FT-243 sockets or
octal tube sockets. I have not gone through these at
all. There are probably many duplicates and some
missing channels. This lot also includes some Channel
3xx series types that look similar but are on
different frequencies. Those are probably for a
different radio. 20 cents each: $20 for the lot plus
$8.60 USPS flat rate box mailing cost with tracking.
About 150 DC-34 and other military big-pin types.
These are all from various WWII military rigs
including the BC-669. Definitely some HF ham nband
frequencies in this lot. 20 cents each: $30 for the
About 100 Motorola big-pin types. I am not sure what
the holder size is on these--it is close to DC-34.
These are large crystals but not as big as the
FT-171B's. They all have metal Motorola ID tags
showing the frequency on them. I think these are all
from old commercial mobile rigs. 15 cents each: $15
for the lot.
About 15 Motorola dual-FT-243. Some bright boys at
Motorola decided to package 2 FT-243 crystals in one
4-pin holder that is twice the thickness a regular
FT-243, but the same height and width. I'm not sure
what the gain was from this design. Anyway, for the
curious: $5 for the lot.
About 20 Military DC-xx, LM, command set, and unknown
in octal holders or other strange holders. Some of
these have been taken apart. As-is. $10 for the lot. 

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT


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