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Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Tue Dec 12 23:07:06 EST 2006

uvcm inc. wrote:
> Mercury ref tubes of all types have mercury that sticks to the glass and
> components inside.

> If you need any more info be glad to help. 
> I have several patents in mercury vapor designs

Problem is that this stuff is not mercury at least not liquid.  There is 
plenty of that also but I not concerned with that.  It's the flaky stuff 
clinging to the top inside of the glass that bother me.  It is more like 
ash but shaped like the anode as though small pieces of it flaked off. 
There so thin and light that they cling to the glass and no amount of 
shaking will get them to drop to the bottom and out of the way.

I had great fun now that it is all wired up and waiting for the 
transformer.  I hooked the 110v line through a current limiting resistor 
to them and they glowed dimly but it was lovely.  Took my awhile to 
figure out why nothing happened when I hooked each side to one of the 
plates.  Without a center tap xformer, I can only do one at a time but 
it was pretty exciting anyway.


p.s. I also need a couple more tubes if anyone has some for sale.

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