[AMRadio] Step Start

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Tue Dec 12 23:16:08 EST 2006

D. Chester wrote:

> I'm not sure how much plate voltage and current you plan to run from the 
> power supply, but it has been my experience with loads on the order of 
> 2000-2500 volts at 600-700 mills or so, you don't have to worry about 
> the need for step-start with choke input filter using a swinging choke, 
> until you go beyond 25 mfd of filter capacitance.

Good.  I have eliminated it.  Not sure what the voltage will be but the 
xformer I ordered is 2000vct @ 500 ma

 >The p-p 845 audio driver stage stays on all the time
> and pulls about 150 mills, acting as extra bleeder, holding the voltage 
> steady even for cw operation.

I presume I can eliminate that drain if I drive with the Ranger and keep 
it all under 500 ma?

Or at least putz around with screen modulation.


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