[AMRadio] advice on el cheapo elecret mics

Vince Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Wed Dec 13 15:39:07 EST 2006

Tnx allot Sir...

That's what I needed... as always this is the 'right' list hi hi


On Thursday 14 December 2006 01:17, k0ng at inebraska.com wrote:
> Vince: If your electret contains the FET follower inside, the typical
> source impedence of the FET is about 1.5K to 3.0K Ohms. I usually AC
> couple the output
> (with say a 1 uF cap observe polarity carefully) to a 5 to 10K load.
> Usually anything from a 1.5 V battery to a 6 V battery or well filtered
> supply will work (I usually put a few K Ohms in series with the supply.
> If your supply lines are long, it is best to put a 1 uF cap and a .01 uF
> cap across the electret supply input and ground.
> They do love to hum so shield well.
> Good Luch, Charlie,  K0NG
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