[AMRadio] I wish the Sun would control himself

SBJohnston at aol.com SBJohnston at aol.com
Wed Dec 13 23:09:02 EST 2006

This afternoon/evening I was building and testing a 10.0 MHz WWV receiver to 
replace the dying Heathkit "Most Accurate Clock" receiver at my work.  All was 
going well until the WWV signal faded out suddenly.  I fooled with the 
receiver for an hour or so thinking something had failed, but its sensitivity was 
still excellent when driven by my service monitor's generator.

Finally I turned on another shack receiver and found WWV gone.  What the 
heck?  Did the antenna fall down?  No, they all are performing the same.  
Propagation really dropped out.  Now I see that a solar flare started hitting the 
Earth causing this disruption!

I really wish the Sun would avoid these outbursts while I'm trying to build 

Steve WD8DAS

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