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John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Dec 15 21:43:41 EST 2006

On Fri, 15 Dec 2006, A.R.S. -  W5AMI wrote:

> The code elimination is a very sad ruling indeed.

   I have some "mixed emotions", indeed  BUT:

   I've taught quite literally hundreds of kids (mostly Scouts) and adults, 
up into thier 80s - and have had the thrill of 'Elmerhood" dozens of 
times....  all of 'em, including me, learnt the Code.  And I can tell you, 
it was a frustrating upward battle for me to get the 13WPM for General - I 
forgot half of it the next week, half again a week after, and now, if 
pressed, I could probably tap out CQ CQ DE KB6SCO at 4-5 wpm.  And I've 
used nearly every code class tape and program out there.... the Code and I 
regretfully remain seperate.

   Some folks can go from 0-20 wpm with small effort - some folks can TX/RX 
at 45 WPM and carry on a conversation with you at the same time. Sometime 
it seems that Hams feel that the elimination of the code requirement means 
the eleimination of Code - and of course that's absurd...   plenty of 
folks will keep Pounding the Happy Brass!

   I will also make this point about the elimination of the Code 
Proficiency requirement:  every single one of the lids and radio-retards 
who has purposefully jammed myself, and most of You on this list - except 
for a very few possible bootleggers - all them Suckahz had to pass at 
least 5WPM - maybe more.  No?

   So I'm willing to see if this Ruling helps bolster up the sadly sagging 
ranks of our Hobby - as for "dark days" - its a dark day when a 5KW 
rotatable-beam Texas sideband station 0-beats onto a QSO in our little AM 
window and proceeds to laugh and joke with his buddies (also apparently 
running a bit of 'power') about how "them AMers like *this* l'il ol' rock 
thru their winder...". [a verbatim quote I have recorded and archived, 
along with the callsigns they eventully IDed with]

   So if some of you think that 'no-code' will 'destroy' Ham Radio (it 
won't - the general malaise of the Cult of Stupidity will do that soon 
enough)  then I'd like to offer the suggestion that each you consider 
volunteering a bit of your time and get a Ham Class going in your area... 
the more you teach properly - the more they will respect the Bands when 
they get their Ticket.

   And how's THAT for 200 millidollar with of Opinion???



whose Transmitter Rescue Trip got snowed out...  mebbe next Weekend

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