[AMRadio] the 3600 - 3635 spectrum

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Fri Dec 15 22:40:02 EST 2006

Do any of the general class frequencies change?

I had no problem getting to 13 wpm code when I
got my license, I went right to general, after learning
the code by listening to QSO's.
I was about 21, so it might be much harder to re learn it
at 50!
I sure had fun on CW, rag chewing mostly in the novice
bands, 40 and 15 meters qrp was fun, I had an hw7
and a 15 meter beam, and used to do hour long rag chews
at about 10 wpm. I could go 20 wpm comfortably, all with
a straight key.

I forgot most of the code by now, and would need
quiet uninterrupted time to work back up, something
in high demand after marriage...

While I think learning the code kept some of the riff raff
out, and 80 and 40 meters seem crowded, I think ham radio
is dieing a slow death.
No magic in radio after cell phones...


> On Fri, 15 Dec 2006, A.R.S. -  W5AMI wrote:
> >
> > The code elimination is a very sad ruling indeed.
>    I have some "mixed emotions", indeed  BUT:
>    I've taught quite literally hundreds of kids (mostly 
> Scouts) and adults, 
> up into thier 80s - and have had the thrill of 'Elmerhood" dozens of 
> times....  all of 'em, including me, learnt the Code.  And I 
> can tell you, 
> it was a frustrating upward battle for me to get the 13WPM 
> for General - I 
> forgot half of it the next week, half again a week after, and now, if 
> pressed, I could probably tap out CQ CQ DE KB6SCO at 4-5 wpm. 
>  And I've 
> used nearly every code class tape and program out there.... 
> the Code and I 
> regretfully remain seperate.
>    Some folks can go from 0-20 wpm with small effort - some 
> folks can TX/RX 
> at 45 WPM and carry on a conversation with you at the same 
> time. Sometime 
> it seems that Hams feel that the elimination of the code 
> requirement means 
> the eleimination of Code - and of course that's absurd...   plenty of 
> folks will keep Pounding the Happy Brass!
>    I will also make this point about the elimination of the Code 
> Proficiency requirement:  every single one of the lids and 
> radio-retards 
> who has purposefully jammed myself, and most of You on this 
> list - except 
> for a very few possible bootleggers - all them Suckahz had to pass at 
> least 5WPM - maybe more.  No?
>    So I'm willing to see if this Ruling helps bolster up the 
> sadly sagging 
> ranks of our Hobby - as for "dark days" - its a dark day when a 5KW 
> rotatable-beam Texas sideband station 0-beats onto a QSO in 
> our little AM 
> window and proceeds to laugh and joke with his buddies (also 
> apparently 
> running a bit of 'power') about how "them AMers like *this* 
> l'il ol' rock 
> thru their winder...". [a verbatim quote I have recorded and 
> archived, 
> along with the callsigns they eventully IDed with]
>    So if some of you think that 'no-code' will 'destroy' Ham 
> Radio (it 
> won't - the general malaise of the Cult of Stupidity will do 
> that soon 
> enough)  then I'd like to offer the suggestion that each you consider 
> volunteering a bit of your time and get a Ham Class going in 
> your area... 
> the more you teach properly - the more they will respect the 
> Bands when 
> they get their Ticket.
>    And how's THAT for 200 millidollar with of Opinion???
> Cheers
> John
> DM09fg
> whose Transmitter Rescue Trip got snowed out...  mebbe next Weekend
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