[AMRadio] the 3600 - 3635 spectrum

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 01:04:13 EST 2006

Mark K3MSB wrote:
> I beg to differ with you John.  I think it's the Cult of Incivility
> (or uncivility....) that's the general malaise that will be our
> downfall.    The average newbie isn't as smart as we were when we got
> our JN,  but most newbie's aren't stupid.   They're very interested to
> learn; as you pointed out, we need to help them.
> What we hear on the air is simply a reflection of what we see in society.

I miss the days of people getting an Amateur License because they wanted 
to talk to like-minded people about the things they have in common - Ham 
All the aspects that go with radio, whether it be building something, or 
working on antennas, or working that rare DX station.  Talking with a 
fellow Ham was (back then) usually a enriching conversation in which 
knowledge is shared and information is spread.

Now, all that it seems like most people that are on Ham Radio wanna do, 
is sit around and talk about the weather, their garden or how many 
tomatoes come up on the vine, or how their love-life is going 
(sometimes, with graphic details about what sexual perversion their 
partner likes.. I've heard it!)

I miss the days when EVERYONE who wanted to be a ham didn't care if they 
had to learn Code.  It was something they did, got what they wanted out 
of it, and went on with their lives instead of sniveling and moaning and 
complaining "it's too hard!".  Spineless bastards.

I think there are a lot of people that feel the same way.  Have you 
noticed?  There have been more and more 'new' (at least new to me) 
callsigns being heard operating the AM mode.

*We* must be doing something right.

With no-code now a real possibility, I -hope- we have more technically 
minded people who would like to join the AM ranks.

More importantly, I hope they out-number the jammers, hecklers, 
whistlers, carriers that have been infiltrating the bands.

John Lawson, you said that you think those that are doing the malicious 
interference now are hams that have their General (or Better)? 
I respectfully disagree. 

Here in the San Antonio area, there is proof that 99% of the malicious 
interference is caused by 'coded' hams... but they are basically on 
V/UHF.  Check out the violation report for San Antonio.  Realize that 2 
of the 5 hams listed are doing 99% of the jamming, and then claim that 
someone else is blaming a non-coded ham for the jamming, The non-coded 
ham then says "oh, yeah?  Well, I'll just show THEM!", goes out, gets on 
HF (no license) and proceeds to jam the person that they were told 
accused them of jamming, while the actual jammers sit back and laugh, 
-or- called the Enforcement bureau and complain that 'so-and-so 
johhny-no-code is on HF jamming people without a valid HF license'.

Can you say "10-4"?

It's been a mess here for 5+ years, on V/UHF.  I'm so glad I don't 
bother with that nonsense anymore.

I only keep a dual-bander in the truck, because of my travels for work.

73, etc...

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