[AMRadio] No Code Pros and Cons

John E. Coleman (ARS WA5BXO) wa5bxo2006 at pctechref.com
Sat Dec 16 15:42:40 EST 2006

I agree with John Lawson, that learning code has nothing to do with
intelligence any more than learning Spanish or playing the guitar which I
can do neither.  Yes I did pass my 20WPM but I am thankful I don't have it
to do again.  So let us all hope that the loss of the testing for CW will
bring a wonderful new set of people into the ranks of amateur radio but also
that CW will always be allowed as a mode of operation on any amateur
frequency.  Although I think there are some frequencies where SSB is all
that can be used!!

Merry Christmas to all, 
	I will remain a subscriber of the list here but unfortunately I will
not have the time for reading or writing.  I am staying in the list so as to
have the archive.  I am sorry but life dictates that I set up some
priorities and one of them is to become more active on the air and to help
more with the things at work, home and kids.  So, those of you that want a
response from me please take note of the email address and I hope to talk to
you on the ether.

May your cat whiskers always be easy to adjust!!!! 
John, WA5BXO

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