[AMRadio] RE:Telephone Wiring RFI Treatment

Bill Ramsey ka8wtk at ohio.net
Sun Dec 17 14:23:16 EST 2006

Hi Mike,

  I have had hum in the phone lines here on several occasions. When it shows
up, I begin un-plugging devices on the phone line one at a time until I find
the source. This has, in the past, found a device that was causing the
problem. One time the phone company had to replace the service box on the
outside of the house. It was so old the service man could not believe that
it still worked! It had screw in fuses for line protection. He ended up
replacing the service line from the pole.

  The worst case I had required me to replace the line that runs underground
in a PVC pipe to my workshop. The line came out all wet so I used my shop
vac to pull air through the pipe for about 2 hours. When the pipe was dry, I
replaced the line and the hum was gone.


  Good Luck!


            Bill KA8WTK

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