[AMRadio] RE:Telephone Wiring RFI Treatment

W4AWM at aol.com W4AWM at aol.com
Sun Dec 17 14:44:58 EST 2006

Please excuse the spelling typos.  I just came in from working on my G5RV and 
checked the mail.  Wanted to get the answer back asap. 

 Well, back to the roof.  The high SWR was caused by a broken lead where the 
ladder line connects to the antenna.  Could not be seen from the ground.  I 
checked the balun yesterday and was up there ready to replace the whole antenna 
today.  When I pulled it down, I found the problem so I am headed back up 
there with the trusty Bernz 0 Matic torch.


 John,  W4AWM

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