[AMRadio] 3 kV CT transformer

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Tue Dec 19 19:36:11 EST 2006

John Lyles wrote:
> Jack, K9ACT, before you pay Peter D. to make a new transformer, I
> wanted to tell you that EBAY has transformers that meet your needs
> quite often. Search under HV Transformers, and Plate Transformers as
> keywords, and you will find various parts

Been there and found nothing useful.

> Here is a store on EBAY, that always has plate transformers,
> sometimes large. I have bought modulation transformers from them: 
> "Uncle Henry's Basement. Antique Electronic Parts and Equipment for
> the DIY Audio and Radio enthusiast. Tubes, Transformers and more!" 
> myworld.ebay.com/we91/

Been there.... nothing listed.

> Hammond in Canada also makes a very reputable line of transformers to
> meet your requirement, with their 700 series: 
> http://www.hammondmfg.com/700.htm

Been there, went to several of their distributors and no one carries the 
  ones I need.

> Good luck, finding iron isn't as hard as you think, but you have do
> more than post classified wanted ads to get them.

Roger but I am running out of alternatives.


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