[AMRadio] 811A Socket

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The correct answer may be yes--I've never tried an 811A in an 866 socket. Do
the 811A's have the alignment pin on the side like an 866A?

Either way, a regular 4-pin socket (ceramic preferred of course) also works
just fine. The same socket that holds your type 80 rectifier in your 1932
Philco, works just fine for the 811A.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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crawfish wrote:
> Yes.

I got "tricked" on a socket I bought for my 866 supply.  I thought all 4 pin
ceramic sockets were the same as long as the hole size was the same. 
  I bought a pair of Johnson types only to find they were to big by about a
half inch.  I had to rearrange things to get it in.

So, I still need one of the smaller ones and will use the two Johnson ones
for the 811's if they fit.

It looks like what I need is on the back of the Fair Radio catalog but I
have to call to make sure.



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