[AMRadio] FS: Command Set Gear

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 16:26:31 EST 2006

For Sale: Command Set Gear. All prices plus shipping.
Untested unless noted otherwise. Headed to eBay unless
someone here wants it.

80M receiver, BC-4xx type, all original, with 6743
knob and unmodified FT-230. $100

80M receiver, BC-4xx type, original, with
clean-looking FT-230 that has been modified inside.

40M receiver, BC-4xx type, ham-modified, with
unoriginal knob. Working, 24V filaments if I remember
correctly. $50

1 black ARC-5 single RX rack. $100

1 aluminum SCR-274N single receiver rack. $90

1 ARR-2 receiver dynamotor. $35

1 MD-7 modulator missing a tube, paint ratty, no
dynamotor. $279

2 modulator 12-pin  connectors. $12 each

1 modulator 16-pin connector. $12 

2 unknown 6-pin connectors. $10 each

1 DY-8 type modulator dynamotor, looks good. $60 

1 DY-8 type modulator dynamotor with paint problems.

BC-442-AM relay with mount and cap, $55

BC-442 relay missing meter, mount plate and cap, for
parts. $15

Original AAF SCR-274N Manual dated 2-15-43: $110

BC-456-E modulator with all mating connectors, no
dynamotor, tested working, aluminum surface has light
corrosion and dirt. $239

Black FT-220-A 3 RX rack, all original, some paint
chipping, with all the mating connectors except one:

BC-450A 3 RX control box like new, $50

BC-451A TX control box NOSB, $65

BC-473-B 1RX control box like new, $60

BC-496-A 2 RX control box used, paint chipped, $50

BC-457-A 4-5.3mc TX unmodified and nice, $55

BC-458-A 5.3 - 7mc TX unmodified and nice, $55

RX rack to control box cable (I think) #11995, 4 ft
long, rubber-coated, with 8 pin female connectors on
both ends. $20

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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