[AMRadio] Old X-Ray Gear High Voltage Available

Joe A. Taylor n4nas1 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 20 20:02:28 EST 2006

   Hello Bill:

      As an old retired radiology tech and hosp. adm  I offer a few

   words of caution here.  The 10kv mentioned would likely be

   lower than actual rating.  A  30kv - 110kv would be typical  so

   these things are highly dangerous as far as high voltage is

   concerned.  I assume the federal requirement of removal of the

   x-ray tubes has been acomplished  as you really don't want the

   thing to work.......          smell the ozone....

     Finally...  the oil  of these are laced with PCBs and cannot be

   disposed of except through hazmat services...    yes I had one

   from a similar removal of old equipment  and it was a lot more

   trouble than it was worth for me.    Cost me a fortune to scrap


       Joe  N4NAS

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     Subject:  [AMRadio] Old X-Ray Gear High Voltage Available
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     >   Hello All,
     >An employer is clearing an estate that was a former doctors office
     and has two 1940 or earlier Picker X-Ray machines.
     >   See pix at
     >    There  are  three  large  oil  filled  KV transformers and one
     smaller  one  possibly  10 kv @ 200 ma. The 3 large ones are series
     connected  secondaries  with  ,  I  believe, 110 volt primaries and
     measure  approx 2ft X 2ft round cast tubs. I had originally thought
     that   these  were  capacitors  but  at  least  one  tag  indicates
     >    If  anyone is interested in this or knows someone who might be
     able to remove the entire setup please contact me.
     >    This gear will be demolished soon along with the building once
     the property sale has final closing early in next year.
     >   It is all Museum quality and parts of it still power up.
     >Last used and certified about 15-20 years ago.
     >  Located in south central PA.
     >Viewing by appointment. Some actual pix available on request.
     >All is still mounted and wired in.
     >  Bill,

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