[AMRadio] Old X-Ray Gear High Voltage Available

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  When the building went up for sale there was a Hazmat asessment done 
that did not indicate a PCB problem. The testing was required
since it had been licensed as a radiological treatment facility. At one 
time Radium was kept here also. Disposal of that was signed off by the 
State authorities over 10 years ago.
   The tubes are of collectors interest only and would not be left in 
the machines if removed.
  I was hoping someone like yourself might know of a collector or Museum 
that would be interested.
The table and source mechanicals are a work of art and could be used 
for milling or other light duty fabrication where a stable and 
ballanced floating tool was needed.
   I thought if maybe the smaller HV transformer had a 220 pri then it 
would be of a usable voltage at 110.
Will know more specs in a day  or so since I am now at the site.

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  Hello Bill: 
  As an old retired radiology tech and hosp. adm I offer a few 
  words of caution here. The 10kv mentioned would likely be 
  lower than actual rating. A 30kv - 110kv would be typical so 
  these things are highly dangerous as far as high voltage is 
  concerned. I assume the federal requirement of removal of the 
  x-ray tubes has been acomplished as you really don't want the 
  thing to work....... smell the ozone.... 
  Finally... the oil of these are laced with PCBs and cannot be 
  disposed of except through hazmat services... yes I had one 
  from a similar removal of old equipment and it was a lot more 
  trouble than it was worth for me. Cost me a fortune to scrap 
  Joe N4NAS 

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