[AMRadio] Tips for a newb?

Conor Farrell conor.farrell8 at mail.dcu.ie
Thu Dec 21 18:44:30 EST 2006

Hey all,

I'm interested in radio DXing (I'm an astronomer and radio astronomy
is a big part of it), but as for equipment my setup goes as far as a
FM/LW/AM receiver with CD and cassette players :) My budget of time
and money wouldn't extend to much more at the moment (in final year at
uni), so getting more sophisticated setup other than a shortwave
reciever or two wouldn't really be an option...

I'm located in Ireland and so far I've picked up a good few stations,
mainly in Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Britain; as well as India).
But I'd like to extend as far as South America, Russia and Africa if

Anyone know of any powerful broadcasters that I could look out for
with my humble setup? How long should I listen to each station for (to
recognise callsigns etc)? What callsigns are known? Is there an online
resource centre of public station callsigns that I can look up?

Any help or tips to a n00b would be greatly appreciated at the mo. If
I'm not reading a book or watching a good film, there's no doubt you
can find me in my kitchen with a toasted sandwich, a glass of milk, a
few blank recording tapes and a radio :)

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