[AMRadio] Tips for a newb?

Conor Farrell conor.farrell8 at mail.dcu.ie
Fri Dec 22 13:34:42 EST 2006

Ah ok, cool. Thanks for the tips anyway guys. I'll check out your
astronomy site, Jack, and I'll get in touhc with other DX groups.

Thanks again!

On 22/12/06, Jack Schmidling <jack at schmidling.com> wrote:
> Conor Farrell wrote:
> > Hey all,
> >
> > I'm interested in radio DXing (I'm an astronomer and radio astronomy
> > is a big part of it), but as for equipment my setup goes as far as a
> > FM/LW/AM receiver with CD and cassette players :) My budget of time
> > and money wouldn't extend to much more at the moment (in final year at
> > uni), so getting more sophisticated setup other than a shortwave
> > reciever or two wouldn't really be an option...
> Don't wish to discourage you or chase you away but me thinks you are on
> the wrong list.  You seem to be interested in what we call SWLing, i.e.
> Short Wave Listening.  This group is amateur radio folks who tend to
> spend more time talking on the radio than listening.
> If this is the case, I suggest you use "SWL' in you search string.  I
> suspect there are lots of groups out there that would be of more interest.
> js
> p.s.  Check out my astronomy site.  We certainly have that much in common.
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