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Donald Sanders w4bws at comcast.net
Sat Dec 23 18:46:48 EST 2006

Your error was using the foam coax. The foam is porous and has multiple
leakage paths for high voltage. Only use poly insulated coax.

Healthfully yours,
                          Don W4BWS
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Let me relate some personal experience with running High Voltage through
coax. Being a farmer, i use electric shocking fencers extensively. On one
occassion i had to energise some remote field and to save myself running
insulators the entitr way , thought i would use some new 75 ohm cable TV
coax . After making the connections and turning on the power i had arcing
every place where the coax touched the ground. I am not sure what the
voltage is on these livestock units but i certainly wouldn't want to bring
it into my house.

I would suggest using ignition wire which can be purchased at Auto and Truck
Parts stores at a reasonable price. It is designed for HV. By the way, that
is what the livestock Fencer manufacturers recommend for going through
walls, etc...

Safety is expensive sometime but consider the alternative.

Pieter Gerlach VE1PPG
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